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  1. ZoNiE

    Chattering 6R80

    Hi folks, my 2009 V8's transmission makes a chattering or rattling sound at very low speeds. I first noticed it in the drive through at a fast food restaurant as it reflected off the close wall. Dealer (two of them) said everything is fine. It's not like the buzz that the Chrysler automatics...
  2. ZoNiE

    Adrenalin 4x4 conversion

    Great!. How do we get neutral so I can tow it four down? I don't think this TC has that capability... :(
  3. ZoNiE

    Looking for a "Sport Trac" bed mat for a GenII

    I went to Tractor Supply and bought a big Horse Stall Mat. Fits perfectly.
  4. ZoNiE

    08 v8 2wd adrenalin towing

    Close enough
  5. ZoNiE

    Buying a 2001 Sport Trac

    transmission, timing chains.
  6. ZoNiE

    08 v8 2wd adrenalin towing

    7,000# for 2WD 6,900# for AWD I pulled a 6,100# (weighed wet, 4,300 dry)Travel Trailer for five years. About 40+ trips. Towed fine, except it hated the hills, and the radiator is just too small for heavy towing on 6% grades in the AZ heat. Had cooling issues several times.
  7. ZoNiE


    U-Haul and Ford Explorers U-Haul will not rent trailers to owners of Ford “Explorer” badged vehicles before model year 2012 because the Gen1 Explorer/Firestone issue. They have to make it easy for their low-skilled counter employees to determine if a person can rent the trailer or not. You CAN...
  8. ZoNiE

    2 liter turbo in upcoming Ranger

    Oh, yeah, that's right. Even better!
  9. ZoNiE

    2 liter turbo in upcoming Ranger

    So I have been driving a 2018 Flex with the ecoboost 2.0 turbo while my STA is getting some paint work done. The curb weight of the Flex is comparable to the T6 Ranger. This engine pulls like a banshee. The front wheels just claw for grip. I can only assume the new Ranger will perform the same...
  10. ZoNiE

    Welcome to the new home for MySportTrac.Com!

    Looks like all the projects data is gone
  11. ZoNiE

    RIP our good friend, LaRue Medlin

    Wow, one of the original members!!! Sad to hear.
  12. ZoNiE

    Yet another AWD thread

    Guys, Trying to read through all the threads about Gen2 AWD. I don't care about 4LOW but I do want NEUTRAL so I can tow my STA four down behind my new Motorhome. So I gleen from the posts that the transfer case has all the goods, it's just in the controller. The dash has the harness, I can get...
  13. ZoNiE


    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for all the hard work.
  14. ZoNiE

    All Aluminum Radiator - Working on Green !

    I need this. Where can I get one. I overheated three times this weekend pulling 6% grades with my travel trailer...
  15. ZoNiE

    Stuck in Park

    Sorry, old thread, but I had this problem too, and my problem was NOT electrical but that seems to be what the majority of them are. The rod that actuates the switch that moves down when you push the unlock button on the shifter sometimes goes up too high. I don't recall if there was a plastic...
  16. ZoNiE

    2008 Sport Trac

    Why would you need it?
  17. ZoNiE

    Transmission cooler install FAIL

    Got it, Thanks. Looking for a Gen 2 install. Wanting to see the tubing arrangement. Hoping to make a custom hose with the AN8 on one end and the quick disconnect on the other.
  18. ZoNiE

    Transmission cooler install FAIL

    Todd, where did you install the cooler? Can you post a pic?
  19. ZoNiE

    5.0 V8 2001 Sport Trac

    My 66 chevyII never had a fan shroud...