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  1. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin 4x4 conversion

    I'm sure most of you are also on explorerforum, but I wanted to post here JIC some might miss it.... After lots of research I figured out how to convert an AWD Sport Trac Adrenalin to...
  2. Mike S 3

    gen 2 6R80 transmission filter OEM

    I have a new in box unopened Motorcraft FT-171 transmission filter for sale. I bought it last year to do a pan drop and fluid change, but my original trans went out before I got the chance! the replacement transmission came with a new filter obviously so I have this new one just sitting in a...
  3. Mike S 3

    gen 2 steering wheel black leather with silver trim

    Good condition used steering wheel for sale. It is originally from a '08 mountaineer I believe, so it has silver metalic trim around the cruise and radio buttons. Leather is in great condition and has been kept clean and regularly conditioned. You will want to swap in your steering wheel...
  4. Mike S 3

    checking interest - 2010 Adrenalin v8 AWD

    Gauging interest in my 2010 Sport Trac Adrenalin, blue, 74,xxx miles, V8 AWD. Didn't think I'd ever consider selling this great truck, but as life changes so do priorities! Wife and I are expecting our third child and I'm not sure that the Sport Trac will be practical for me here soon...
  5. Mike S 3


    It's not me i swear!.. came across this blue adrenalin in a minor accident.. watch out out there! skip to 3:10.. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> On the subject of dashcams, I think everyone needs...
  6. Mike S 3

    Gen 1 column gauge pod with vacuum gauge

    Autometer gauge pod for the steering column, along with an autometer lighted mechanical Vacuum gauge. The lighting is green, a perfect match for the gen 1 stock gauge lighting. It is a standard 52mm pod so there are all kinds of other gauges that can be used in it. $30 + shipping.
  7. Mike S 3

    SiriusXM just turned my sat on..

    so I bought my 2010 ST used, and at that time the satelite radio was not activated. today I get a letter letting me know that my sat radio has been enabled for a 3 month trial. I never contacted Sirius, so I'm not sure how they got my info, even my radio ID. Strange since I bought the truck...
  8. Mike S 3

    PML Trans Pan for Gen 2 v8

    (cross posted from Explorerforum..) Just installed an oversized trans pan from PML. This is a prototype pan that they have developed, and I got in touch with them and volunteered to test fit it to my truck. It's close, but it fits...
  9. Mike S 3

    2nd Gen V8 valve covers

  10. Mike S 3

    Custom Adrenalin exhaust tip

    Looking to sell my custom made oval stainless exhaust tip that is a bolt on for a gen 2 Adrenalin. It's made with the OEM ball & socket adjustment piece TIG welded to a Borla model 20244 tip, so it's a direct bolt on, can be swapped out in 2 minutes. It's used, been on my truck for...
  11. Mike S 3

    leather steering wheel 07+

    black leather steering wheel for sale, airbag and buttons shown not included, but I will have another set of buttons available, same SYNC configuration, just not wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. if interested, i can wrap the extra set of buttons in vinyl also. Asking $75 shipped to the 48...
  12. Mike S 3

    winter shoes on

    Wanted to share a picture of my Adrenalin with a set of '05 mustang GT wheels and Firestone Winterforce 245 70 17 tires. Not looking forward to the salt and mess of the first snow but when it comes I'll be ready! The adrenalin wheels will be getting a good cleaning and possibly powder...
  13. Mike S 3

    wanted - Gen 2 black carpet floor mats OEM

    looking for a clean set of black carpet OEM floor mats. If they are the Adrenalin monogrammed ones that would be great, but would also like the regular sport trac mats.
  14. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin owners - good tire deal

    Discount tire direct has a clearance price on the Nitto NT420s tire in the plus size of 265/50-20. with the $100 visa card offer that is on for the next few days you can get a set of 4 for around $450! I just bought a set, won't need them till later this year but couldn't pass it up...
  15. Mike S 3

    wanted: Gen 2 Adrenalin front plate bracket

    If you are not using your front plate bracket and would like to sell it let me know. bought my truck from a non-front plate state and my state requires front plates, so trying to locate one.
  16. Mike S 3

    Xcal3 tuner for gen 2 V8

    For sale is my XCal tuner purchased from Torrie at Fast Parts Network. My truck has been returned to stock so it is ready to go on a new truck. Comes with an 87 and 91 Octane performance tunes, and an 87 MPG tune. Not sure of the ECU code but will check soon. $200 + shipping.
  17. Mike S 3

    Ford OEM remote start kit

    Ford PN 7L2J-19G367-AA Removed from my 2010 ST and in good working condition. Kit comes with everything seen in the pictures. One remote, long range antenna, brain, ignition harness, hood switch, and the PATS interface. The PATS module 8L3Z-19G365-BA may need to be replaced because the...
  18. Mike S 3

    Adrenalin AWD transfer case

    I posted this a few weeks ago on ExplorerForum, but have not received much interest... I noticed that the AWD Adrenalins use the 4405 control trac transfer case. This case has a low range, even has the shift motor on it. But as any adrenalin owner will notice there is no way to use the...
  19. Mike S 3

    gen 2 door code

    I know that on the Gen 1's you can find the lock button code by removing the dash defrost panel, but does anyone know if there is a similar code written down and where it is located on a gen 2? I bought a 2010 STA, and the dealer did not provide me with the door code.. Also, I have noticed...
  20. Mike S 3

    Gen 1 parts, and a gen 2 bed cover

    Everything is sold!