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  1. J

    Transmission acting up

    So my 2007 4.0L has a transmission leak, it's the line that runs in the front near the radiator, I'm getting that fixed. But experiencing other issues I want to be sure are related. I noticed the leak when changing my spark plugs a couple weeks back, then the valvoline guys pointed it out as...
  2. J

    Engine Misfire

    I've been getting codes showing an engine misfire on cylinders 2 & 6. It's only noticeable when I'm accelerating, when I'm about 40 mph-50mph it levels out. But if I try to get up to 60, it starts to shake. I'm pretty handy, but I don't have a scope or anything really fancy. Any thoughts on how...
  3. J

    Valve Body Gasket

    I've getting an oil leak driver side, looks like between the valve body and cover. Therefore, I'm thinking I need to replace the gasket. Do we have a project on this? I'd really prefer to have something guiding me when I'm getting this deep in my truck. Anything else I should do when I'm in there?
  4. J

    Fasteners for Tail Lights

    So one of my tail lights is missing the black fastener that holds it to the frame. Accessible by dropping the tailgate. Anyone know what the specs are for those things? Local parts store sells 110 kinds I swear.
  5. J

    Serpentine Belt is Slipping

    So this morning I heard it making noise, I saw it had scooted off the bottom pulley (V6, that's the Power Steering Pump I believe) and it was running on the clutch or flywheel instead of the pulley. I got a new belt installed tonight, but when I got home I hear it making noise. Sure enough, the...
  6. J

    Transmission Delay

    2007 Gen 2 - XLT 2 Wheel Drive - 193k miles So the past week, I get it started, put it in reverse, and there's a hesitation before the truck engages in backing up. And a similar delay when I shift it back to drive. I've drove this 120k miles, and never had to touch the transmission on it...
  7. J

    Looking for new Step Bars/Nerf Bars

    Probably going with a black powder coat tubes w/black rubber steps. Similar to: Just curious if anyone else had some thoughts or ideas. Looking to keep it under $300.
  8. J

    New Air Intake

    2007 Gen 2 4.0L - Looking for an aftermarket Air Intake. Noticed most guys put theirs on years ago, but sites like K&N or Mac don't seem to carry the intake for my model anymore. Any thoughts?
  9. J

    Roar Noise/Not Shifting

    So about a year ago this happened, a roaring noise when I accelerate, and the truck would act like it refused to shift into the next gear. Sometimes, it would get hot. Turns out it was the thermostat housing leaking antifreeze. Replaced it, noise stopped. 6 months later, same thing...
  10. J

    Road Trip Prep

    Me, the girlfriend, and the Sport Trac are going to be driving from Western KY all the way up to Detroit next month. Presently, my task list looks like this: 1. Get new struts installed. 2. Rotate Tires 3. Detail/Wax top to bottom. Any other suggestions? Also, on my 2007 (Gen 2)...
  11. J

    Vent door doesn't actuate

    So I found the spot I've read a lot about, but the silver vacuum cylinder under the dash (glove box off and to the left) seems to be working. However, the plastic piece is broken. And the lever from the vacuum cylinder just keeps missing it. Thoughts from here?
  12. J

    Fixing the tailgate

    So my 07 molding top on the tailgate is loose, has been for years. I'd like to get it firmed back down. Now I KNOW you all say "gorilla glue". And I'll take that advice. But my brain won't let me just glue it and leave the open rivet/screw holes exposed. So help me fill them correctly...
  13. J

    Parts Diagram for Sport Trac

    I'm trying desperately to fix a few things, and it'd save me a lot of time (and maybe money) if I had an exploded view of the truck with parts listings. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? Things I'm working on fixing. Dash vents stopped working (likely link-up behind glove...