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  1. ZoNiE

    Chattering 6R80

    Hi folks, my 2009 V8's transmission makes a chattering or rattling sound at very low speeds. I first noticed it in the drive through at a fast food restaurant as it reflected off the close wall. Dealer (two of them) said everything is fine. It's not like the buzz that the Chrysler automatics...
  2. ZoNiE

    2 liter turbo in upcoming Ranger

    So I have been driving a 2018 Flex with the ecoboost 2.0 turbo while my STA is getting some paint work done. The curb weight of the Flex is comparable to the T6 Ranger. This engine pulls like a banshee. The front wheels just claw for grip. I can only assume the new Ranger will perform the same...
  3. ZoNiE

    Yet another AWD thread

    Guys, Trying to read through all the threads about Gen2 AWD. I don't care about 4LOW but I do want NEUTRAL so I can tow my STA four down behind my new Motorhome. So I gleen from the posts that the transfer case has all the goods, it's just in the controller. The dash has the harness, I can get...
  4. ZoNiE

    JMS Pedal Max and Sprint Power Booster

    Has anyone tried either of these things to improve throttle response on a V8 Gen2? The ETC really sucks. There is nothing better than a mechanical link from the gas pedal to the throttle body, but that's not an option. The JMS Pedalmax and Sprint Power Booster claim to improve throttle...
  5. ZoNiE

    Stroker 4.6

    Been looking for more torque to tow with for my STA. Seems there are some good resources out there to stroke the 4.6 to a 5.0. Either as a 298ci (no overbore) or 302ci (.020" overbore). It also appears that the coyote 5.0 is basically just that, a stroked 4.6. A 5.4 is a decked and...
  6. ZoNiE

    GAWR Help

    Could someone here who has a 2009 ST with 18" tires, the Class III/IV hitch, and 4.6 please post the GAWR Front and Rear from the door tag? Please also post your tire size. I have an STA, but my door tag is for the original 20" rims and I am now running 18's with 275/60R18's. GAWRs...
  7. ZoNiE

    Thinking of Selling my STA

    Thinking of selling my 2009 Colorado Red 4.6 AWD STA. It is basically stock, except I replaced the 20" STA wheels with 18" Cobra Replicas running 275/60R18's. The Tires are only a little larger than the stock 20's with the low profile tires. The reason was off road capability, and the truck...
  8. ZoNiE

    V8 Throttle Response Recalibration

    Has anyone tried this throttle system recalibration on a 4.6? From the F150 Forum: "I had the same problem on my 08 Limited 5.4 when I bought it 2 months ago. Here's what I did to fix the problem. Turn the key to the on position but DON'T start the engine. Now press the gas peddle to...
  9. ZoNiE

    One less tool to buy

    Well, If you have an SCT-X4, it will read and clear DTC codes on vehicles it isn't married to. It read and cleared some codes on a 2009 Toyota Corolla tonight. Codes concurred with the auto parts store scan tool... Nice little bonus. Thank you SCT!.
  10. ZoNiE

    Transmission "boot up"

    We don't have a transmission category? I have a 2009 V8 STA with the 6 speed. In the morning just after staring the truck, it sometimes takes a while for the trans to build pressure to move. Since this damn thing has no easily accessible dipstick, and the dealer says the level is fine, in...
  11. ZoNiE

    STA Wheels

    I Have a set of 20" STA wheels I took off my 2009 STA. I went to a smaller wheel for taller sidewall, (Yes, I know, Sacrilege) but I wanted more off road capability. Link to my CL ad: $600 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48. They...
  12. ZoNiE

    STA Rims

    I replaced my 20" STA rims with 18" Cobra's to get more sidewall for offroad driving and towing. I kept them for eventual trade-in value, but the damn things are just taking up too much space in my garage. What is the value of a full set of used STA rims with minimal rash on three of them...
  13. ZoNiE

    Multiple Tracs

    Just curious, How many folks own multiple Trac's? I have my original 2001 bought nearly new, and a 2009 STA bought three years ago. My son drives the old Trac, But once and a while I drive it and I sure do miss driving her. Too bad the Gen 1's didn't have a V8 option. IMO, the early...
  14. ZoNiE

    Squeeeweeeweeeweee DriveShaft Carrier Bearing?

    Hey folks, My 2009 STA AWD has a "Squeeeweeeweeeweee" noise coming from what appears to be a center carrier bearing on the main drive shaft. It speeds up and slows down with road speed but not engine speed. I shot it with WD-40 to see if it went away to determine whether it was that or the yoke...
  15. ZoNiE

    rear coil-shocks

    I replaced my 2009 STA's rear coil-shock units with Ranchos so I can tow easier. Nothing wrong with these, have 80K on them. Selling as a pair. PM if interested. Make offer. [Broken External Image]:
  16. ZoNiE

    SCT X4 First impressions

    Got my X4 in the mail last night. I have had a hard time finding any testimonials or any reviews/comments about the thing that really helped with the decision, so I will post my thoughts about it here to hopefully help others. The best comment I got about one was a friend who used one for...
  17. ZoNiE

    Adrenalin Wheel Downsize

    I now have new wheels and tires on order. I am Switching to 18x9's from 20x8's to get some more sidewall for my off-road towing, and, to get Michelins. I am moving to the 18 mainly for the sidewall, but the style I picked is a Cobra Replica in Gunmetal. Should really Pop on the Colorado...
  18. ZoNiE

    Cruise Control

    My '09 V8's cruise control seems to always want to be in the next lower gear when I am towing my travel trailer. I can keep at around 2600 RPM's @ 70-ish w/o the Cruse, but hit "Set" and it drops a cog to about 3000 RPM and stays there on flat freeway pavement. Maddening. Anyone else see this?
  19. ZoNiE

    Helper Springs for Gen 2

    Anyone tried these? I have never seen something like this, but I need something to help with the tongue weight on my Adrenalin. Might make it ride like crap however. For $114, it is much...
  20. ZoNiE


    Anyone with a Gen2 add airbags or stiffer springs in the rear. My trailer tongue weight is in spec, but sags the trac... WDH does not seem to do jack no matter what height I set it at.