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    Parts For Sale Bed Extender Gen 1 w/pivot nuts

    Interested please let’s talk
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    eBay Special a 4L2T-18C815-AD AM/FM/6 Cd Pioneer Sound System

    I bought this off of eBay but it didn’t come with a wiring harness so I’m searching everywhere. Think I found a pigtail on Amazon. I would prefer making a full harness without pigtail if possible. Anyone have an original harness they don’t need or wiring diagram? Thanks
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    2004 Adrenaline Audio Wire Diagram?

    That’s great I’m in a similar boat. See my post
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    Hello from Loveland, Colorado

    Hi everyone. My name is Neitha. My husband is John. We have a 2004 Sport Trac XLS. It has 180,000 miles