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    Oil Change on Covid Schedule.

    I used to drive my ST to work everyday, and had the oil changed every 3-5K with synthetic oil. After the covid thing started and we all started working from home, eventually my wife put the truck insurance into a storage mode where its covered, as long as I don't drive it. Now every month I...
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    04 heated seats not working

    A couple of years ago my ST heated seats stopped working. Have some time now and want to address it. Questions: 1. ) Do I need to remove the whole seat just to find the problem ? -> If I have to remove the seat, does the seat w/all floor brackets need to come out or can I just slide it off...
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    shift boot 1L2Z-7210-CB

    Hello, I am looking for shift boot for column of a 04 Sport-Trac, can seem to find it, searched several sites. A Ford site was able to provide the part number: 1L2Z-7210-CB No way of knowing how to find it. Several sites carry the whole shift assembly for the column, but I don’t need all that …...
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    Reprogram Rear Window

    Has anyone figured out how to reprogram the rear window to move to any position, not just vent or totally down ? Thanks Sid.