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    Cross bars for sale

    I would like to buy your crossbars. Shipping would be to 1008. Send me a message with info. Thanks, Richard
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    Cabin Air Intake

    Thanks again Todd. I'll post back once the outside cabin air intake has a protective fabric screen in place. Richard
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    Cabin Air Intake

    Much appreciated Todd - thanks. Anything to be aware of/careful about when removing the plastic cowling? Richard
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    Cabin Air Intake

    I would like to locate the cabin air intake for my 2007 trac, limited edition, V8. I need to add a screen to prevent mice from entering the cabin. My previous 2003 tac, LTD V6 had the intake located under the windshield wiper cowl. I would like to know if my 2007 intake is located in the place...
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    Mice in engine air filter intake box

    Update - I was able to install a piece of fabric cloth in the air intake duct and have resolved the mouse issue - so far so good. I would also like to add a piece of fabric cloth to the cabin air intake but can't find where it is located. Can anyone point me in the right directions? My 2003 XLT...
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    Mice in engine air filter intake box

    Thanks guys - appreciate your quick reply to my dilemma. Once the weather warms I will definitely add a screen barrier. Richard
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    Mice in engine air filter intake box

    Thanks for the suggestion Tombstones81. As I can't get my hand between the air intake and radiator, I am contemplating installing something like gutter guard screen on the air intake entry inside the air intake filter box. My only concern is mice may decide to build a nest in the tubular section...
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    Mice in engine air filter intake box

    It has been quite some time since I've posted on the forum. My 2003 XLT was replaced with a 2007 Limited, V-8 in March of 2019. This past summer I found a mouse nest inside the engine air filter intake box, cleaned it out and have been using sticky traps, which I remove before running the...
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    door hinge is 'catching'

    I had a similar issue with a passenger, back seat door. It turned out to be caused by the small roller of the hinge mechanism. A close inspection revealed the roller had a small, flat wear spot that caused the roller to slip past the stop plate without rotating. The slipping (rather than...
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    Cant view Library

    Just checked my library - everything is there.
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    trailer rewire problem-question

    Here is a helpful link:
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    Repainting my step bars, where is that project?

    Is this what you are looking for?
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    Software question?

    I've had good luck with Nero. It often comes bundled with internal or external DVD or CD burners.
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    New website

    Yes, neat and easy to navigate. Suggestion - for the "Florence News Article" - let the reader know the graphic will lead to a pdf file download - in case they don't have the necessary software.
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    Opinion on software

    I'm running NIS 2009 with SpyBot S&D with great success. NIS 2009 has been completely redesigned - much better than earlier versions. A quick Google check brings up many positive reviews. Add-aware gave my PC fits from the start - no longer use it.
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    What is best way to break in to the cargo bed

    FWIW, my ignition key also unlocks my OEM tonneau. Wondering if your ignition key works the same way?
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    U-Haul hitch pic request.... Chad or Jerry Gerner?

    Tom, Yes, the TrailManor tows as advertised . . . not affected by wind or fast passing semis! The long wheel base of the ST makes for a very stable towing experience with a TM - no sway control needed, but do need a weight distributing hitch system. I have spreadsheets for two of the four...
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    U-Haul hitch pic request.... Chad or Jerry Gerner?

    Tom, We have made 4 cross country trips (about 10,000 miles each) and never had any issues with the bikes on the front of the ST. I do remove the seats to give which gives me an unobstructed view. The handle bars are far enough to the right of my field of view as to not be a problem either...
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    U-Haul hitch pic request.... Chad or Jerry Gerner?

    Yes it is Tom. There is another photo in my library - one from our trip to AZ, December of 2007.
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    U-Haul hitch pic request.... Chad or Jerry Gerner?

    Here is the U-Haul hitch on my 2003 ST.[Broken External Image]:[Broken External Image]: