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    tighten wheel bearings

    On my 2003 4X4 I dont think I could repack them. Is yours 2 wheel drive? My 4X4 97 Ranger needed to be snugged up almost every month Hopefully you will get a more knowledgeable reply soon Thanks Dave
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    Sub box for 2002 ST

    rodneysboxes has been selling Sport Trac boxes on ebay for many years, slides under wider rear seat, without subwoofer about $140, with subwoofer $150 and up depending on which of his speakers you choose. I bought one around 10 years ago with amp and enjoyed it til I sold my 2003 last summer
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    checking and replacing interior lights.

    I stopped by my library and looked thru some big mechanic manuals to find the answer, my outside temp gauge display was out, resistor needed resolder. Cant remember if there is one screw or not. main thing was to pull the thick trim piece back that holds the headliner up around the sunroof...
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    fuel pump woes.

    My inertia switch plug melted last summer on my 2003, spliced the wires together til I could get around to a proper repair
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    17 years later, what options are there for a sub in a 2001?

    I have a 2003 and bought the kit from Rodneysboxes on Ebay, Ive had it for 10 years and works great, saw the mount the amp in the back seatback and did that. It included the box, speaker,amp and wiring harness for around $200 back then.
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    Tail Light Out - missing project file?

    Try and get a pic of your wiring connector from the rear before removing any wires, I ended up pulling all my wires and got lucky I took a pic first.
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    injector cleaner

    Maybe you could pull your oil pressure sensor and spray some brake clean on it for a better reading. Ive read on here before that the oil pressure gauge is more of an idiot light, its up or down and doesnt show actual pressures. Good luck with the shaking, maybe you should take it to a shop for...
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    Hope it works out, always great reading and help here!! The Sport Trac community will always be out there. Margaret and Dave 03 ST :driving:
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    2002 ST low beams nw

    I fixed up my left brake light with that article in the projects section, MAINTENANCE heading and then steering column wiring. Tough getting the wires figured out if you remove them all like I did, had to keep looking back at the picture to make sure they were back in the right hole. Can you...
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    emergency brake

    Try looking up a 97 Ford Ranger or any Ford rear drum brake stuck. If it comes down to it, you could hacksaw the front cable along the frame or go the easier way and use an angle grinder to cut the cable. Never use the parking brake on my 2003, its a small drum brake inside the rear wheel disc...
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    ST engine not turning over

    For the idle, I would take the intake hose off at the throttle body and spray some throttle body cleaner in there to remove the sludge buildup, then remove the IAC and clean that. Idle air control. Should be able to find those in project section or Ford Explorer on you tube. Dave 2003 XLT
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    Starting problem

    I wonder if you could start with replacing the fuel filter. My first car would only start if it had been sitting overnight, replaced fuel pump, same problem, replaced carb, same problem, finally found the fuel filter along the frame and replaced that and WOW!!! Blew through the new filter and it...
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    Fuel rail

    I had a problem a couple of months ago with my fuel shut off inertia switch located at the top of the passengers right foot. On long trips the wife is always shifting her feet around because her sciatica starts to bug her. I assume that is why the wiring was starting to pull out of the connector...
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    Need a year and style, probably lots of people reading this wondering how far away you are and saying to themselves I guess he doesnt want mine. Have you checked e bay and craigslist for locals? :driving:
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    Unhappy with idling

    See if an auto parts store has a reader that can check your idle so we have a reference. Maybe you could find a cheap engine diagnostic tool on craigslist or at a neighbors or shop and get back to the forum with the rpm reading. Get the battery checked too, the fan in the heat ac unit draws...
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    Escape 3.0L V6 Oil pressure sensor

    The mechanics on can probably help you. Oil disappeared out of my friends Escape a few years back after an oil change and engine seized< no drips in driveway. :driving:
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    need help
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    Lots of people have changed their radios and posted pics, hopefully they will post them shortly. You can look on ebay for a Ford Ranger radio trim piece and use that to trim down and see if you like your handy work, if it doesnt work out, you could ask someone else to cut it up for you, and you...
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    No reverse

    Lost my reverse last year. Had to find drive through spots or find drive in spots on a slope. Went to 3 shops and all would only do a complete rebuild on trans. Good luck with your fix. Dave.:driving:
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    Metal squeal passenger side front...please help

    I see its 2002 4X4. Have you driven alongside a concrete building or parking lot barriers or has someone zeroed in on the noise as you have driven past them? Have you taken the rear rotor off to inspect the rear parking brake shoes inside the hub? Maybe even the driveshaft support bearing if...