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  1. Kent Brown

    2010 STA 8cy

    Here is the part number. 6L2Z-7G276-AA You can get them on Amazon. They are really snug when putting the new fitting in but it is doable. There are multiple YouTube vids available and some are even good. Goodluck
  2. Kent Brown

    Transmission fluid change

    At 112,000 it's due a trans oil and filter change anyway so go for it. Good luck and have fun
  3. Kent Brown

    What is "Adrenilen" and how do I know if My 2008 qualifies?

    It will say Adrenalin on the back. It will have a different grill. It will have dual exhaust on the left side of the rear bumper. It will have a vent on the sides of th front fenders. It will have 20 inch wheels. It will have different bumper covers front and rear.
  4. Kent Brown

    What is "Adrenilen" and how do I know if My 2008 qualifies?

    The Adrenalin is basically an appearance package. It's not a matter of qualifying it either was built as an Adrenalin or is wasn't.
  5. Kent Brown

    Differential oil ?

    RMYLY Just looking over this old thread and noticed something that I missed the first time I read it. Todd Z is not talking about pumping the oil in the front diff here is his quote "$7 hand pump from harbor tools..... No need to remove the cover.... and I don't know if you can on the gen 2 if...
  6. Kent Brown

    Differential oil ?

    The Royal Purple will work just fine in the rear. Rear axle takes 3.5 pints Front takes 2.7 pints
  7. Kent Brown

    Differential oil ?

    The Owners Manual says for the rear axle "Motorcraft SAE 75W-140 Synthetic Rear Axle Lubricant" for the front axle (4WD and AWD) "Motorcraft SAE 80W-90 Premium Rear Axle Lubricant" I'd use it on the rear but not the front. I had the same discussion in my head when I did the diff fluid change...
  8. Kent Brown

    2010 Adrenalin V8 Spark Plug change

    You should have no worries. The head design was changed by Ford in mid 2007. Early 2007s has the two piece plugs and late 2007s have the new head hense new plug design you should have brown coil packs so in a 2010 you are safe. you can buy whatever plug you want. I replaced mine with Motorcraft...
  9. Kent Brown

    Door mirror swap

    I have looked for some kind of strip type light that I could put on the existing housing. I might get a little more serious in the spring. I want something that looks good but is still functional. if I find something I'll post it.
  10. Kent Brown

    removal of center console

    check out you tube there are dozens of videos that will help you.
  11. Kent Brown

    Gen 2 Tailgate latch issues

    If you have an Ace hardware store around or any other hardware store, you can buy the plastic plugs for about .35 cents each. They have lots of different sizes.
  12. Kent Brown

    rubber hinge cover piece for tonneau cover

    I realize this thread is ancient but I'm sure folks are still in need of these parts. Now I have now further information but was wondering if someone much smarter than I am could pass on some information on maybe 3D printing some of these. If so someone could stand to make lots of money for not...
  13. Kent Brown

    Door mirror swap

    Do you want the ones with the turn signal facing aft from the mirror or the ones that go on the housing facing forward?
  14. Kent Brown

    Tailgate piece

    My tailgate cap had come loose so I opted to put some of the black button type push in pins like the ones used all over the truck to hold plastic parts together and plastic parts to metal. There are some of them holding the tailgate inner cover panel to the tailgate. It only cost a few bucks...
  15. Kent Brown

    Two way tail gate

    I've never seen a Honda Ridgeline up close so I can't say anything about those. I have however owned a few Ford Broncos in my time and the ones I owned had the two way tailgates. I also had a big ol' tuna boat Oldsmobile station wagon that had a two way tail gate as well.
  16. Kent Brown

    Help with strange noise.

    Mine has a ghost too, as I call it. It comes at about 55 sometimes and just kind of hangs around. I know it is related to the outside wind as it only happens when I have a head wind, or a quartering headwind. It sounds like it is coming from behind the instrument cluster. I have checked for...