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  1. Bed Extender

    Bed Extender

    The ol Ascend 128T on the Bed extender
  2. Bed Extender

    Bed Extender

    Definitely a needed addition for my 12'8" Kayak
  3. Bed Extender

    Bed Extender

    Cheapest bed extender found at Harbor Freight
  4. gavin T

    Parts For Sale 2nd gen bed extender for sale.

    2nd gen bed extender for sale. the rubber grommets on the tips that contact the bed are gone or worn but its its goodshape otherwise. nothing wrongwith it. sold my ST amonth ago forgot i had it in the yard! asking$50 plus shipping or if your near philly i can meet you. fyi in the end my ST...
  5. Z Andreasen

    Gen 2 Bed Extender for sale

    I have a Gen 2 Bed Extender for sale. Comes with adjustable pins and in great shape, barely used with very few scratches. I am located in the metro Atlanta, GA area.