05 V6 one owner gem!!

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Mar 7, 2020
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Welcome to the herd! These are great vehicles.
Any pics?

Do need to address several notorious weaknesses before they bite you:
~ renew V6~4.0L~SOHC Engine Oil+Filter every 5k~10kMiles, 0w30\0w20.FullSyn + K&N#hp preferred
~ renew two OilPressurized TimingTensioners every 75k~100kMiles
~ renew Plastic ThermoStatHousing every 100kMiles, Alumnum Version preferred
~ renew ThermoStat every 33kMiles
~ renew PlasticTanked 1Core\2Core Radiator every 100kMiles, AllAluminum 3Core\4Core Radiator preferred
~ renew Coolant Hoses+Clamps+Belt+Pulleys+Pump+Fan+FanClutch+HeaterControlValve every 100kMiles
~ renew Coolant LtGreen\Gold\Yellow Non2EHA every 33kMiles, Peak#10x\pkpb53 or Zerex#zxg05ru1 preferred
~ renew Brake DOT3 Fluid every 6mths, Suck+Fill Reservoir, DOT4 Fluid preferred
~ renew PowerSteering MerconV Fluid every 6mths, Suck+Fill Reservoir
~ renew 5r55e Transmission MerconV Fluid+Filter & adjust Bands every 33kMiles
~ renew 5r55e Transmission MerconV Fluid every 6mths, Suck+Fill [email protected]
~ renew 1354 TransferCase MerconLV Fluid every 33kMiles
~ renew RearDiff 75w140.FullSyn+FrictionModifier & FrontDiff 75w90.FullSyn every 33kMiles, AmsOil preferred
~ renew FrontBearingHubs Grease every 33kMiles @ABSSensorHoles

5r55e Transmission ValveBodyGasket is FailureItem; rebuilt ValveBody+Gasket available $300+.
5r55e Transmission OverDriveToggleSwitch in the ColumnShift is FailureItem; DoubleInsulate the cable.
1354 TransferCase 4x4ShiftMotor+ControlModule are FailureItems; each available for $75+.
HybridElectronicCluster\HEC in the 2004+Later ExST is a FailureItem, specific vendors can repair.
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