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Feb 27, 2024
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I know this was posted awhile and from my searching it looks like no one found a solution yet. I have an 2004 SportTrac with the rear disc brakes. I’m looking for the elusive rear backing plates.

From what I found I could use the rears from 95-01 Explorer but the rotors will be smaller. ST has 11.83” (300mm) rotors while the Exp has 11.22” (285mm), at least that what listed from Napa and AutoZone. Rangers use the same rotors as Explorer, which is also the same on Mountaineers. The F150 use an even bigger rotor so that’s not gonna work either.

So what I’d like to find out is has any one used the backing from and Exp on their ST and if so, what is the actual clearance on for the rotor and caliper? I don’t see why Ford would make one specific size for just the ST while keeping an another that universal to several others.
Thank you. I looked at rock auto and they only have the front for RWD. I’m looking to the rear backing plates, which are the same in RWD as 4WD. As I said I have found the rear backing plates for 2nd gen Explorer which also use the 8.8” and disc brakes but they are smaller rotors. I’m wondering if the distance from center to caliper bracket is in fact less than the ST or if they just used smaller pads.
Has anyone every measured the clearance between the SportTrac and Explorer caliper carriers?
The ST drivetrain is the Ranger drivetrain for Gen I STs.
The ST drivetrain is the Ranger drivetrain for Gen I STs.
Thank you, but from what I’ve been able to find while searching the Ranger and Explorer both use the same smaller size rotor than the ST. The backing plate from these will fit the ST, just have to use the smaller rotor. However, what I’m trying to find out is if the ST rotor and pads will acutely fit the backing plate.

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