2005 12V Bed Outlet doesn't work?

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Kirk Rich

Sep 21, 2007
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Tulsa, OK
My 12v outlet in the bed has never worked on my 2005 XLT, but I've never really needed it. I'm trying to troubleshoot it today and get it working.
Fuses are all good. Fuse 15 says Rear Power point 20A, fuse 4 says Power Point 20A. Is it on another fuse circuit?

I removed the whole square outlet assembly, and the wiring is good behind it. Pulled the plug and tested voltage with key on/engine on, nothing.

Any ideas?
has to be a fuse or broken wire....
Online manuals or if some one has the book they can post for you.
All my 12V outlets went out several years ago, the bed and 2 interior. Ford said it couldn’t be fixed without unwrapping wire bundles so I had them wire them all hot to battery.
Shoot I had to replace this fuse not too long ago and I’ve forgotten which one it was! I blew it as I was adding lights in the bed with a switch mounted by the 12v.

I remember thinking it was the fuse box between the steering wheel and where the door closes, but it ended up being the main fuse box under the hood north of the battery. Once I took the cover off the box it was obvious which fuse blew out.
I have a similar issue with my 12v bed plug. I installed some bed lights and a light up tailgate oval and then discovered that my bed plug is only reading about 3 volts. Any ideas guys? Thanks