2010 Adreniline Exhaust 4.6

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Should I take the resonator off or leave it on?

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Mark Connolly

Aug 16, 2010
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Yonkers, NY
Hello all. I need to replace my exhaust from the Y pipe back. I don't want to break the bank and don't want the neighbors to hear me coming and going. My current stock exhaust has two mufflers in line. I think one is a "resonator" and the other is a muffler.
Question is where can I order a close to stock set up for this and what parts do I need? will the mounting brackets be attached already or is welding required? Is there a website I can go to, look at a diagram and order the parts individual or can I order the whole thing?
Will taking off the resonator make the car really loud or not too bad? ( not looking for window rattling )
Finally I have my factory dual chrome tip thats welded on to the tail pipe. Do I cut that off and reuse it or do I need a new one? I think it got welded on during a repair a few years back.

Thanks ALL!!!

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