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Mel Pilgrim

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May 12, 2004
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Winnipeg, MB
I took my truck into the dealer today (2009 Adrenaline) to check out the front end. I was experiencing shimmy while driving at any speed. slow seemed to be the worst. I rotated tires and all looked not too back. I only have 37104 Km (23,055 miles) so I thought that it could not be the tires.

Well, I have three tires that the tread/belts are separating. I did not like the factory tires anyway and thought I would change in a year or two but am doing it today.

Getting for Hankook tires installed, weighs hidden inside the wheels.

will be nice to have better tires than the factory Pirelli scorpions..... I found they were not a good tire.
The Scorpions are horrible tires, I changed mine out at 60K (37K miles), one had blown and the other three were seperating. I was on holidays at the time and needed a quick cheap fix, so I went to Discount Tire in Vegas and had 4 Falken Ziex (265, 50 R20) tires put on ( $800 total, balanced and installed). That was six years and 120k (74,500 Miles) ago and I still have those tires on the truck today!
Bought my Adrenalin with 17K on it. One of first things I did was get decent tires for it. Pirellis are junk - for any car, IMO. Very happy with the Nitto tires I got from Discount. Great ride.
Pirelli makes/made great tires for their European market, but they definitely lose something in translation to the American market. Perhaps they work better with European made cars?

Years ago, I bought a set of Pirelli's for my car based on the good experience I had with them on cars I drove in Europe. Big mistake !!! The Pirelli tires were more expensive, yet they were shot in about 30K miles and I vowed never to buy Pirelli's again!

Update to the replacement tires. Had Hankook Ventus S1Noble 2 tires installed. After 2 years and about 26,000 km’s they are done. One tire at 2/32, the other 3 at 3/32. After pushing both Ford and Hankook for over 5 months Hankook are issuing a full refund under warranty. Tires were rotated, no issues found. Half the miles were highway too. Should have lasted to 80,000 km’s. I never really noticed until I had a tire shop remove a screw from one tire while on a trip.

I am now looking at Micheline LTX or maybe Nitto tires. Don’t need winter rating, but will go with 3 season I think. Have a set of winter tires on Mustang rims on the Trac now.
I run good year Forteras... Love them
I learned the hard way on those AWFUL AWFUL Pirelli tires. When my second set only lasted 19000 miles, I said that was it and went with Bridgestone. What a huge difference in ride. OMG I was an idiot for buying Pirelli replacements. Never again will I buy anything related to Pirelli. Terrible ride. Terrible wear life. Jesus, what was Ford thinking?
Both of our 2008's have Micheln Defenders
I've had two sets of Firestones and now Coopers (circa 2016 - I think the discontinued this style which is ashamed because I really like them). Each set has been 275/45/20 and I've been very pleased with the look and ride of the size. Speedo shows 67-68 when I'm doing 70 (per GPS). They don't stick out and fill the wheels better than the 255's.