Air conditioner intermittent cold air

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Aug 26, 2021
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Lake Houston, Texas
Howdy y'all:
Long time viewer, 1st time I have posted. Had a 2001 Sport trac, then traded in and bought a 2010 Sport trac limited. 107K miles and little to no maintenance. However, intermittent problem over the last 2 years. While driving (running the AC) the fan will continue to blow, but with no cold air, after a while (couple minutes) blows cold again. Add to this, occasionally although air selector is set to cabin (blow thru upper air vents), when 'under load' like incline elevation climb or pulling trailer, the air flow will switch to the defrost (windshield). After a few moments (probably RPM drops), air flow returns to cabin vents. Blend gate (major pain) or acuator? I will research the old threads and youtube but anyone have any guidance? Oh, and one other fan related issue... when running fan on high (top 2 settings) the unit vibrates, sounds like a plastic grind. Probably blower motor which is a bitch to access on the 2010.