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Gordon Tucker

May 27, 2007
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St. John's, NL
Hi; I just purchased a quad and I have to travel 500 miles to pick it up. I know thay it will fit in my ST but I don't know how much weight the tailgat can handle. The quad is a 500 cc 4WD and weighs 730 Lbs
Not quite the same but I've travelled 300 miles at a time with my motorcycle in the bed. With the rear tire on the tailgate. My bike is approx 400 lbs.
Ford does not use duct tape and bailing wire to assemble their vehicles.

Load it up and bring it home. Don't worry about it.

it will be fine! I hauled my 2005 Predator (Heaviest quad out there)

[Broken External Image]:
If the rear tires are on the tailgate, I would recommend using a piece of wood to spread the weight across the entire tailgate. The plastic liner may not hold up if it's bouncing too much.
you should be fine considering its not a new tundra
yah during deer season we carry my 03 honda recon.. about 400 lns.. and ice chests that are loaded down... and it handles fine...just not good gas mileage
it will be fine i used to haul my yamaha grizzly 660 in the back of my 01 and this quad is 600lbs dry weight. now i haul my 07 420 rancher everywhere and no probs
Now that TOYOTA tough:p.... at least your engines camshaft didn't snap yet like alot of the others....or did it:huh::lol:
Wow! I can't beleive Toyota would put that on a truck!

I did a little searching around the web about "Tundra tailgate problems" and they have a real problem there with that excuse for a tailgate. Not mention you can't drive with it down either.