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Michael Galla

Jun 20, 2020
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Columbus, Ohio
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V6 engine
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1st Gen Owner
I’m currently having issues with putting gas in my truck. When I start to pump the fuel it immediately starts pouring onto the ground. I noticed that the rubber hose from the filler neck to the gas tank was not connected. I tried to re-attach the hose but I noticed there was a screen inside the hose which is preventing me from being able to place it back on the filler neck. I tried to locate a new hose but I want to make sure I get one exactly the same or close to it. I contacted Ford parts but they’re telling me that the part I have to get includes the filler neck to the hose that connects the fuel tank and would cost me $341.55. Help me please!!!


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I was just working on my tank. Must be your Large hose for the fuel, small hose is for vapor return.Not sure your exact problem but should be able to somehow find the leak, cut of the bad part of the hose and reattach. If short bring the hose to autoparts, find similar and use a coupler and clamps to put it back togather. Who needs a screen anyways. Best of luck, Aloha