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Scott Conley

May 16, 2007
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Toluca Lake, CA
I have an 07 Limited. The plastic moulding across the top of the tailgate broke on me (I load things in it every week, using that as a pivot point).

I ordered it for only $40, but I have a questions about removing the inside liner of the tailgate.

I see 4 plastic tabs across the top, a line of torx screws in the middle, and then 4 plastic tabs at the bottom.

I'd like to try and salvage anything that's not already broken-is it possible to remove those tabs and reuse them? I've had experience in the past where I've attempted to remove plastic tabs and broken them in the process.

When I pulled the tabs on the plastic liner to put in the rear camera and handle, I tried to reuse the tabs. They looked to be in good condition, but after about a week of normal driving and use of the tailgate, 3 of the pins were gone. I ended up just buying a new pack from Ford. I think they were $4.88 for all of the pins on the gate. That was jsut the pins - not the screws too - but still not bad. I would reuse them if you can, but know they are not that much to buy more...
OK, good advice, but what is the best way to remove the plastic tabs? I have to drive down to the junkyards at the MEX border and pull a tailgate apart so I can install my current (dented) tailgate locking mechanism so the ignition key will work in the tailgate, too.
2004 XLT Sport Trac
once its all apart dont just yank, it has hooks that you need to slide it first.
can you explain? where are the hooks, and where do you slide? I can't find a video on YT for removing tailgate liner. thanks.
Once you remove the screws and i think a few plastic fasteners, just slide it a little, you will figure it out, once the big cover is off, remove the plastic pins fot eh top cover and then pull the sucker off.
I just took mine off 5 years ago, drilled holes for Christmas tree fasteners, pushed them in and done..... Yeah i see a few of them But don't care, ill never have to replace it...
I used #30 torx to remove the screws near the top of the tailgate liner, now I just have to figure out how to get the plastic fasteners out; I guess I just pull hard? I think they are what you call xmas tree fasteners, so they should be cheap to replace. LMK if you have any tips for removing these fasteners, I tried prying up on them with a screwdriver, didn't seem to work. I don't want to wreck the liner. thanks.
gently... but easy...
starting at 0:20 he shows how to remove the tailgate trim panel.