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Russ Hughes

Aug 5, 2003
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East of Atlanta, GA
My cousin has a set of these telescopic side view mirrors on his [email protected]#%@ 2500 and loves them. http://www.ttt-mirror.com/ I've seen them made by somebody else also but don't remember the manufacturer now.

Unfortunately no one makes them to fit explorers or STs so we're stuck with stupid looking strap ons. I'm hoping that I can generate enough interest here that we can e-mail Schefenacker and they will add the explorer line up to their list of supported vehicles.

Anyone who has towed anything wider than an ST will know what I mean about the stupid looking strap ons.

If you're interested, e-mail [email protected] and ask them to make them available for STs and explorers. If we generate enough interest they will make them, but they wouldn't say how much interest had to be generated.