How to Change Headlight Bulbs

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Ryan Eylander

Jan 9, 2002
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Renton, WA
Here are the replacement bulbs.<P>Step 1. Start by lifting your hood.

Step 2. There is a large plastic flap that sits over the head light; you will need to move this in order to gain access to the light. There is a small plastic tab (the arrow is pointing to it in the picture) just push that over a bit and lift the plastic flap.

Step 3. There are two black “tabs” on each headlight mount, simply lift these straight up to release the head light. This may sound easier than it really is, the pins are in place fairly well and take a little work to loosen them up. They will slide up about half an inch and stop, just leave them there.

Step 4. Now that the head light is free from the mount, you can carefully slide the lamp straight out, this will give you access to the bulb assembly.
Note: By pulling the assembly straight out you do not change the alignment of the light so you DON’T have to re align it when you are done.

Step 5. Now you can remove the wiring from the bulb, to do this you must lift a tab on the wiring and pull back on it to remove it from the bulb.

Step 6. Now you can remove the bulb by twisting the large bulb lock and pulling back on it, the bulb will come right out

Step 7. The bulb simply slides out and can be thrown away.

Step 8. Put the new bulb in, be careful not to touch the bulb with your fingers or the sides of the socket, the oils from your hands will cause premature burnout of the bulb

Now just reverse the steps from here and you are good to go. If you have any other questions regarding this project you can e-mail me at: [email protected]
This picture shows one new OPTX bulb in the left side and the stock bulb on the right side.

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