My power seat won't move all the way forward...why?

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John Zuber

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Mar 12, 2004
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Titusville, FL
My seat will move forward, but about half-way the motor bogs and stops. Otherwise the motor seems fine. Nothing has ever been under the seat and the problem just started, preventing my wife from being able to drive the vehicle. Looking under the seat I don't see any issues. I can't figure out what's stopping the seat from going full forward. Motor runs strong going back...and runs strong forward until it gets about half-way. Any suggestions or tips?
Could be dust or dirt in the track.... Sadly have to remove the seat, clean everything and check the cable and mechanism for a blockage, Could be a dam penny too..
Found the problem. The right-hand seat belt anchor slides on a rail as the seat moves...which apparently is covered by a plastic sleeve. There are a few places where that plastic sleeve has wear dimples...which resulted in the seat belt "catching" as it moved on the rail...thus stopping the seat. Need to smooth out those catch points or dimples.
Aloha all - Same problem. I cut out the bad spot, put zip ties on the ends, a little lube, reinstalled loose. The whole plastic slides now. Works fine. How long?? 👍👍