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Feb 17, 2024
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Ardmore, OK
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V8 engine
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2n Gen Owner
Greetings from beautiful southern Oklahoma. I wanted to introduce myself and my 2010 AWD V8 Sport Trac Adrenalin. I purchased it last May with 27,500 miles. I’m now up to 33,600. I’m the third owner although the 2nd only had it a few months and most likely purchased it to turn a profit. He probably did quite well with me! It came with the original window sticker, manuals, dealer paperwork and complete service records. The leather has always been covered by seat covers. The original Adrenalin mats are pristine, and have been protected by weather techs. The protective factory film is still over the a/c temp display! It has an invisible bra on the front and is virtually flawless inside and out. The original bed cover was removed by the first owner, bubble wrapped, stored in the basement and a replacement was installed. Same with the original bed extender. Both are in pristine condition. The factory stereo was replaced with a new unit, but I have the original. The only thing I don’t have is the original wheels. But the black KVCs showcase the red Ford calipers very well, so I don’t mind. Sorry for the poor picture quality. They certainly don’t do it justice.


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Welcome to the site.
Welcome and congrats,.
Welcome! I have the same truck in red, with 200k kilometres.
Welcome to the family. Beautiful !!!
Welcome, and congrats.
Welcome to the forum and nice find. I think that is a great vehicle. I wish you well with it. You'll need a 14mm plug wrench and it appears that they have resolved the broken spark plug problems that earlier modular 3v motors have had. I just put a set of champion iridiums in mine because i couldnt find Denso U-groove plugs to fit it. If anyone has, please let me know.
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