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Jun 14, 2020
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Time to give a little back to the forum after all the advise I've been seeking on a ST purchase.
A fairly inexpensive, easy product that I have tested is something you may want to try on your exterior black plastic trim.

It's intended use is not for automotive trim but has proven itself durable and reliable for me. It is "stove black" and is used for cast iron stoves, steel, anything that gets really hot, you don't want to rust, and looks good. And lasts..

I recommend Rutland Stove Polish. Imperial makes virtually the same stuff for a bit cheaper. Rutland is in a tube (easy peasy) and Imperial is in a small plastic jar (dip a rag). Little bit of either goes a long, long way. Apply sparingly. I prefer Rutland, maybe a tiny bit more sheen than Inperial. Regardless neither one is what I call "glossy", more like somewhere between flat and matte.

Seems to last months in NC summer, but mileage will vary depending on amount of elbow grease applied. Not so much in application, but effort to prep in removal of oxidation, old soap scum, road grime etc. That's the killer for most of this stuff right? Proper prep.

Anywho, you can bypass the prep work and just apply the stove black directly over the oxidation and expect it to last way longer than the auto parts otc stuff. Will outlast a few power washings. It also needs a good wipe down after it dries (use rags you don't mind turning streaked black). Will rub off on your Sunday best if not allowed to cure (probably overnight and one more alibi wipe to be safe)


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