Shifts flawlessly until warm, then UGH ...

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Well, drove great for a little while - Check engine light and Overdrive light flashing ... stopped by AAMCO and they pulled a P0715 code. Looks like it is a speed sensor ...
AAMCO will likely tell you a new trans is needed in any case; that's their business model. Really need your own OBD2 Scanner. Check engine light is for something other than trans.
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Ordered the rebuild kit from Whatever It Takes Transmission site - new stuff on the way. Ordering a trans jack from Harbor Freight. I'm gonna take a Mercon V shower! and rebuild it myself - never had such a fun challenge to look forward to. Local shops want $4500 to take out and put in a rebuilt somewhere else old unit. I've got nothing but time for fun. LOL I'll keep you posted.