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Pat Freeman

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Nov 16, 2001
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Eldersburg, MD
I noticed something that wasn't obvious to me, before. The seal that was on the A-pillar in the older generation STs is is no longer there. You know, the one that your paint ends up wearing off onto from the door? Well that seal is on the door which presses up against the A-pillar, which has no rubber on it. NICE!

Some other things I noticed before but forgot to mention... The tailgate is feather-light. I used to have to hold my old tailgate with two hands, but this one you can open and lower with one hand, easily. And, the back windows go all the way down. No longer do you see a few inches of window.

Annoyances at this point include the fact that you must slam the doors. It seals so tight to keep road noise down that you need to really slam the last door shut when getting out if the windows are up. I can live with that, but I'm always reshutting the door. The door handles are also positioned close to the front of the door, so you don't get much of a force vector when pulling the door shut. Oh, and they moved the gas filler to the passenger side. I look like an idiot pulling into the gas station, getting out, then getting in and moving it! My fault, not Ford's... :rolleyes:

One thing I'm waiting for is the hard tonneau I ordered when I bought mine. The ones I've seen with the tonneau, Ford put a torsion bar in there to make opening much easier with one hand...
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I noticed the tailgate seemed very light when I was checking one out at the dealer. It felt light enough to worry me. However, just read in an article in one of the threads that the '07 uses a torsion spring to make it lighter, it's not that the tailgate is really as much lighter as it feels. That made me feel better. As you mentioned, the T-Cover feels lighter as well. I like the way they redesigned the locks. Hope you're enjoying your new one. I'm thinking August will be a good time for me.
The t cover is now spring loaded, to feel lighter....

The interior door pulls are going for redesign, So that annoying hand in the thigh when you close the door will be gone...

Todd Z
TG: It's not in the marketing, why I really don't know. The TG is a revised F150 flareside TG...complete w/ torsion bar, which F150 heavily marketed as "Tailgate Assist" (TM), which makes opening and closing the stamped -steel gate easy.

I guess it kinda goes without sayin'.........:cool:
I went and checked out a new 2007 V-8 at the local dealer today. Since it was Sunday, no one was there, but the tailgate was opened. The first thing I noticed was how light it was to open and close. Kudos to Ford for making it easy to lift, but as sturdy as ever. The bedliner also seemed to be made of a better material. I know the old ST's did not have any problems with the bed material, but the new liner has a coarse surface and appears to be thicker and more durable.
Hmm.....I wish tthat I could BABYSIT an 07 ST, Dark Cherry Limited V8 with ALL of the options. You wont have to pay me, I will keep it filled with gas, will keep it immaculate, will drive it all around this town and show it off to the FORD haters and let them drool. Seriously though, I went to the Dallas Auto Show and ogled a lot of cars and trucks, but was really impressed with the Ford Robot that was at the Ford dispaly. He was awesome, answered all the questions you asked and had blast with the young kids that were there. He also said that he was programmed with a lot of trivia and voice improvisations. Of course he was BLUE OVAL color and was actually able to recognize the audience's smallest little ones and recognize voices and tell you that he could recognize your voice if you came back later with another question. AMAZING! I still want that 07 ST for the weekend! No charge to you, and I will keep it full of gas until you want it back!

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