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2002 Sport Trac, 315,00 miles and still rollin’
Sep 5, 2022
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Cleveland, Ohio
Hello all, I have a 2002 Sport Trac with 315k miles. The 4x4 does not engage unless it is summertime, or, if it’s winter (I live in Cleveland, OH), I must first allow the engine to totally warm up if I want the 4x4 to engage immediately with a turn of the switch. What I believe is that the 4WD actuator motor in the transfer case is getting flakey/weak. What I am looking for is the location of the actuator motor, any videos showing actuator motor removal, and any insight to swapping this out from my friends here on this forum.

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V6 Engine
4 wheel drive
2001 job 2
Mar 7, 2020
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Got here a 2001 SportTracJob2, near identical twin to your 2002.
Sounds like your 4x4ShiftMotor has gotten weak due to age & rare use; needs replacement.
Beware: seems to be a lot of chaos in FordMotorCraft+AfterMarket part numbers for these components.
Jack\Ramp vehicle high enough, EBrake+WheelBlocks, crawl under drivers door, 4 Bolts + 1 HarnessPlug.
While there likely need to renew TransferCase MerconLV, not Mercon\MerconV; needed every 4yr\33kMile.
Can remove CounterWeight while doing this work, just to get it out of the way.
Click here for my wiki page on this 1354 TransferCase+Controls.

4x4TransferCase controls basicly consist of 3 parts:

~ 4x4ShiftMotor, mounted directly under DriverSeat, rear side of TransferCase, pic below.
A NotoriousFailureItem, barely large enough to do its job, especially if not exercised routinely.
2Wire12vMotor With 5Wire3PosLimitSwitch+7WireCable+8PinRoundSocket WOut ClutchRelayBrownWire
FactoryLabel\Stamp BorgWarner# 1354-648-009-c \ 07-31-00 \ 10167226 \ mo25m \ 590912 \ 0195
~ 4x4ControlMode, mounted behind LeftPassenger KickPanel, pic below.
Also a NotoriousFailureItem, CircuitBoard components\relays undersized & often burn out.
FactoryLabel\Stamp Motorola# 01MP20701 \ m799g \ 00240 \ 20628416
~ 4x4DashSelectorSwitch+Knob, 2WHi~4WHi~4WLo, mounted in DashCenterPanel, pic below.
There's also a "hidden" NeutralPosition for RVFlatTowing, requires a special DealerInstalledMod.
This rarely fails, leave it alone.
2001.Ford_TrCs.Case_Borg.1354_000b.GIF 2001.Ford_TrCs.Case_Borg.1354_000c.GIF 2001.Ford_TrCs.Mdul_Ford.1L54-7h417-ab,ac,ad,ae.GIF 2001.Ford_TrCs.Swch_Ford.f87z-9c68-ba+f57z-11666-a.GIF
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