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Mar 4, 2019
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I am still trying to hook an aftermarket radio to the factory amp on a 2002 Sport Trac with the Pioneer System. With the factory radio connected and on, there are two wires, one says receive and one is transmit on the wiring diagram book from Ford. There is a brown/orange stripe wire (pin 2) the book calls TX signal out of the radio is 5 volts and there is a dark red/black stripe wire (pin 1) the book calls RX signal shows 0 volts when I test with a meter.
The rear speakers work when I plug in the aftermarket radio but the front ones don't. I need to know what hooks up to the receive and transmit wires (assuming to turn the amp on and off?) and also there is another wire (dark green and violet stripe pin 4) the book calls sub woofer high mute and it has 8 volts coming out of it from the factory radio). I have been working on this project a long time and am at a loss. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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