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    07-10 Ranch Cap For Sale

    Sold it locally on Facebook Marketplace.
  2. Johnny O

    07-10 Ranch Cap For Sale

    Price dropped to $350.
  3. Johnny O

    07-10 LeBra

    07-10 LeBra. Good condition, no rips, hood protector never used since I had a Bugflector. This will NOT fit Adrenalin models. $40 plus shipping.
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    07-10 Ranch Cap For Sale

    Ranch fiberglass cap, fits ‘07-‘10 Sport Trac. Silver Frost. Good condition, couple of minor scratches, lockable (I have two keys), mounting hardware, third brake light module and my homemade wiring pigtail that plugs into the trailer plug. $375. Pittsburgh, PA. I no longer own the truck so you...
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    '08 Sport Trac For Sale

    Ranger Supercab. Was at the point where repairs were constant and getting expensive. Will be a good truck for someone who doesn't put on 20,000 miles a year like I do.
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    '08 Sport Trac For Sale

    Truck was traded in at Ford dealer.
  7. Johnny O

    Front End Noise

    Most likely the ball joints.
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    What to do when you need to replace your beloved ST?

    I plan on getting a new Ranger (my Trac is for sale), just a Supercab since my kids are grown and gone and I don't need a back seat. If I was looking for a Sport Trac substitute I'd get a Honda Ridgeline. It's probably more trouble-free anyway.
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    '08 Sport Trac For Sale

    2008 Sport Trac, 211,000 miles, original owner. Truxxx lift, Bentley grille, K&N, Flowmaster, rare fiberglass cap, also vinyl tonneau I use in summer, bed mat, Le Bra. Ziebart, garage kept, does have some cab corner rust. No timing chain noise, oil changed every 5000 miles since new with...
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals

    The Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA will be June 4-6 this year. We register in the Explorer class. There is a 10% discount off the $65 fee if you register early. Plenty of hotels but they can be pricey, I camp in the Fairgrounds campground for $55 for the weekend. It's a good time.
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    Upper Ball Joint

    Upper ball joints seem to be short-lived with the Truxxx lift. I buggered the passenger side trying to check it with a pry bar like my mechanic showed me and tore the boot. Just had new Moog Problem Solver UCA's put on for state inspection 6 months ago. Ordered one Moog Problem Solver ball...
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    How many miles?

  13. Johnny O

    How many miles?

    209,000 now. Original owner. Trans rebuilt at 132,000 but the engine is fine so far.