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    Parts Wanted rubber seal

    Good write up and photos, thank you. Hasn’t anyone tried a bicycle inner tube for this?
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    First Day Here

    Great vehicle, and this is a great forum. Welcome!
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    GEN2 STA High Performance Brakes.

    This looks great. Assuming we would just be waiting on the August install date for brake bias numbers, is there any concerns with the factory proportioning? Also, will there being any wheel clearancing needed? Below is a 2005-2009 V6 mustang conversion from 11” f&r to 14” f&r we did last month...
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    3 row radiator

    I didn’t have that problem, it was an easy swap. However use the internal hex wrench when you drain the radiator; using a regular external wrench will rip the drain plug in half. Also, I recommend flushing the system before replacing the the radiator and make sure to use Gold fluid not green...
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    3 row radiator

    I bought an aluminum from Ebay after an emergency replacement with a plastic one.
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    Roof Rail Trim

    Does he sell 1st & 2nd gen?
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    Unknown Device

    I don’t have that year, but the cap looks like a fuel system evap port if it’s not the A/C service port.
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    2010 Adrenaline

    Beautiful truck, and car! I’m still trying to understand where the drivetrain weak link is, possibly the electronics or the carrier.? Is that AWD with the front shaft out for dyno only, or straight RWD? Also, it appears you are towing around 5.5k do you have an airbag suspension or just a...
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    2010 Adrenaline

    Last I checked Brenspeed was asking $9-10k for the kit not including install. We, my son and I, are currently doing a Coyote swap in a 2006 Mustang. The 8.8 rear is the same and we would use a Coyote 6spd in the STA. The largest problems I have with the STA’s are the transmission not knowing...
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    2010 Adrenaline

    Thanks for sharing. I have contemplated doing the same to my 2010 STA for a few years, but it just does not seem cost effective compared to a Coyote swap.
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    Whomp whomp whomp sound

    Similar happened to me anyway. I paid someone to replace the front hubs, and a year later they were acting up again. The second time I did them myself and no issues in a few years. I know some fords required an initial high torque to set the bearings, then break torque, and retorque at a lower...
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    Whomp whomp whomp sound

    Sounds like a bad wheel bearing (grinding/groaning) and pulling.
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    Steering wheel controls for my 07

    I have a aftermarket stereo, and set the steering wheel controls to work with it. However on the volume and forward buttons seem to work. The phone work only through the stereo.
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    Gen 2 Power seat not going up or down

    I nominate sticky for this. Thank you! FYI - In Aerospace it’s called a jack screw with a cog attached. Since I’m going to tear it apart, then I might as well order the gears first. Regardless if the plastic has shelled yet, I rather fix that at the same time (we have IBS here too).
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    2007 V8 Exhaust Manifolds: Tips When Replacing

    You’re awesome. Thank you. we need to make this sticky.