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  1. S

    Heater tube

    My 2002 is leaking coolant from what I thought was the thermostat housing. I know see it isn't and have been told it could be a heater tube underneath the manifold. Has anyone had this issue. It loses water but you can never see it.
  2. G

    2005 sport trac xlt throwing coolant everywhere

    I have a 2005 Sport trac xlt that started spewing coolant when I left work today. Dash is reading normal but it is steadily leaking. Looks like it’s coming from the thermostat or right around that area. What should I look for or possible fixes??
  3. Paul Fithian

    Thermostat Housing: Why they leak and permanent fix

    I have posted this on some other forums and wanted to post here for fellow Sport Trac owners. Bottom line is you are wasting your time and money on anything other than a Simmons aluminum thermostat housing. While on a recent trip to Florida, the tensioner pulley seized, destroyed the belt, and...