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Mar 3, 2022
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My 2002 is leaking coolant from what I thought was the thermostat housing. I know see it isn't and have been told it could be a heater tube underneath the manifold. Has anyone had this issue. It loses water but you can never see it.
Welcome to the Herd.! Lots of friendly knowledgable folk in these forums.

Factory & Aftermarket junk Plastic ThermoStatHousings on V6~4.0L~SOHC are NotoriousFailureItems;
sooner\later they crack+leak along lower plastic body seam into engine valley under IntakeManifold.
Engine heat cooks this into a grimey coolant swamp; at first only producing a bad sweet smell,
as leak worsens it drips off engine backside over TrannyBellHousing to the ground.
Best fix is to upgrade from junk Plastic TStatHousing to an Aluminum TStatHousing.
Using a good FlashLight or ShopLight, inspect TStatHousing under ThrottleBody;
peek under IntakeManifold; odds are you'll see signs of leaking coolant; no "Heater Tube" as you call it.
Click here for details on replacing+upgrading the ThermoStatHousing.
Consider renewing Fan+Clutch+Pump+Belt+Hoses, upgrading PlasticRadiator+PlasticHeaterValve,
& also renewing TimingTensioners while TStatHousing is out of the way; click here for info.


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As said, There isn't a heater tube under the manifold, Also the coolant doesn't run through the manifold either to leak. More then likely the t stat housing.
Look as said and you will see the housing is more then likely the issue.
I sell the aluminum replacements if you need one.

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