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Aug 19, 2020
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Morning All,

I'm either blind or its out of my sight range, but where is the IAC location on the 4.0L 6 Cylinder 2008 Sport trac?

Picture of aprox location would be great.

I want to get in there to give it a good cleaning.
Thanks @DILLARD000
My engine is stock with a modified Zabteck throttle body and SCT custom tune. Motorcraft CX2065 should be identical to what's there now. I'll go out later and check for a plug that covers a screw.
On EF several people mentioned removing the startup flare with another tune. When he was in business could swear I asked Torrie @ Unleashed Tuning but never got an answer.
It's the round black spot in the middle of the electrical connector end;
carefully cut it out with an exacto\razor knife; should find either an AllenHead or PhillipHead SetScrew.
May take several days+nights & cold morning starts to get it set where you like it.
I just wrapped the entire IACV body with electrical black tape over the SetScrew,
until I had it completely adjusted, then made a new SetScrew plug\cover with RTV.

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