2010 Instrument cluster weird message center issues

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Nov 16, 2020
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Appreciate this forum as it has helped a ton over the last year.

So recently I've had this strange issue with the message center on my 2010 sport trac adrenalin. This is the cluster with the 4 line message center...Randomly the cluster will scroll through the menu options (ie "4wd locked or awd" and so on) and select options on its own without any input from me pushing any of the "info, setup, reset buttons". Including changing languages on its own which is super helpful. It will do this regardless if I'm driving, parked, or even with the engine off and key "on". Since I can't have the 4wd going in and out of locked, i unpluged the message center switch. Now since I've done that the message center still scrolls through the options at random but no selections are made. I've tried a used message center switch from the junkyard with no changes. In addition the fuel gauge needle falls to a quarter tank after 10 mintues regardless of how much fuel I have. One strange thing I've discovered is holding the "info" button down with the switch connected, the fuel gauge needle slowly goes up to the actual fuel level. I've been looking at the wiring diagrams and I really don't know where to start. Any thoughts you have would be a huge help.