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Sadly OEM stuff is not supported any more that I am aware of. Maybe aftermarket but its expensive... Just use your phone and Waze app.
I had a Sony stereo w/backup cam installed in my 08 and it looks clean, factory, sound is fantastic and the Apple Car Play is faster and easier than in my 2021 CX-5. The backup cam also looks clearer than the one on the Mazda. Under $900 installed. Worth every penny.
Excellent. Could you share details on the model of Sony and camera please? I am interested in doing that as well. My 16 is starting to drive and won’t drive my truck without a backup camera. I should probably leave that alone but I would rather he learn to love trucks than be afraid of them.
Heres the one I bought…paid $399 for it:
A few years ago I replaced the audio system which was easy via Crutchfield who has a great selection. They have after market connectors that allow factory controls with aftermarket audio systems. They range in cost between $500 and $1200. I chose the Pioneer AVIC-8200 NEX system which has Apple CarPlay and Android Audio and XMSirius Radio plus navigation. I use Apple CarPlay all the time and love it.
Thanks guys.
Think I should make this upgrades or my kids don’t want to drive it. Although that could be a good thing!
Great thanks Trinity. My ST does not have Nav but that camera looks great!
Trinity have you tried this? It is for an
F -150 which is a different sized logo