2nd gen fender/bumper removal sanity check

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Sep 28, 2021
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Los Angeles
I just picked up a 2007 Sport Trac Limited and I'd like to make the fender flares and bumpers satin black like the base model. I see a few bolts, screws, and some plastic clips that look like they just pry out, but I'm notorious for breaking plastic clips and I'd rather go in prepared...Am I correct in thinking I can just yank these suckers out and shove them back in, or should I buy a bunch in anticipation of them all getting destroyed in the process...?

Am I better off buying a set of plastics from a junkyard, stripping the paint and using Plastikote, or vinyl wrapping, do you think?

If anyone knows where I can find a friggin' service manual, I'm all years...I'm happy to pay or pirate, but not pay to pirate...

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