Adding a subwoofer to a non-subwoofer equiped truck

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Nov 24, 2020
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Does anyone know if the wire harness for the subwoofer is present in all Gen 2 Sport tracks or not. If I add a upgraded head unit with the subwoofer connector, and add an OEM subwoofer to the rear, will it all just plug in, or do I have to make my own harness with connectors on both ends for the radio and subwoofer amp?
So I've been doing some research, and it looks like the connector for the back of the Audio unit is there on all trucks, but I have yet to confirm this. According to the manual, the wires from it lead to connector C214 on the left side of the truck near the passenger kick panel. From here you need another harness that leads back to the subwoofer. There are only 5 wires that control the amp. A 5 volt turn on signal, 12 volt constant power from the battery, ground, and left and right audio signals (with shield). So I'll have to make my own 4 wire harness to go from the amp to the left passenger kick panel, and then provide the amp separate constant power and ground. There used to be a wire harness you could order, but I don't think its made anymore (I *think* it was p/n 1L5Z-18B864-AA)

I'm attaching the diagrams from the 2008 service manual in hopes this may help someone else on here that may be wanting to do something similar. This should allow me to upgrade to the AudioPhile head unit and add an OEM subwoofer on my own. It looks pretty straightforward so far. If I can't source a proper connector for C214, I'll probably just cut and solder/splice the wires together. I don't see ever needing to disconnect it once I have it working so a permanent splice will work fine at C214.

Someone on here previously did a project on this, but all the photos are now gone. Here is a link to it in case it helps.
Subwoofer Project

I'll come back and add more data here once I get the parts I need to complete the project.


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I've completed this project with good results. I bought a subwoofer assembly with the amp off Ebay for about $70 from a 2005. I had to cut/modify the enclosure box to shorten it to make it fix in the 2008. Then I had to purchase connectors for the back of the audio control module (ACM) off Amazon.

Audio Connector Plugs

Ebay Subwoofer Amp

I was not able to source the connector for the subwoofer amplifier itself, so I took it apart and simply soldered wires onto the proper pins, using the connector diagram in the service manual. The subwoofer wire harness did not exist in my truck so I ran four wires from the amp up to the audio control module and connected them to the connector I bought from Amazon. I grounded the amp at the back near the pillar that it sits by using an existing bolt on the pillar. I had to connect the amp to battery power from the fuse box. I just tapped onto the audio unit fuse instead of running the wire all the way up under the hood to the subwoofer amp fuse, but I'll probably correct this at a later date. The ACM fuse is 20amp, and I tested the amp under load and it only drew about 2-3 amps, so I think it will hold unless I really blast the tunes, which I typically don't do. The other three wires went to the ACM for audio plus and minus and the clipping detection (enable) circuit. It works just like factory.

I also had previously upgraded my ACM from a single disc CD to a 6 Disc CD/Nav unit that had the subwoofer connector on the back of it. If I could have source the proper connector plug for the subwoofer amp, it would have been easier than taking the amp apart and solder tacking leads onto the circuit board. I may still try to see if I can find one and fix this later. The sub also would have fit better if I had been able to locate a sub enclosure from a 07 or 08, but I was unable to find one. The 07/08 Subwoofer enclosure is smaller than the 04/05 model, so that it will fit inside the compartment behind the left rear seat.
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They don't make it, BUT I got the pigtail plugs and the upgraded radio and in my 2010 XLT I easily added the system..... Made the harness from the radio to the amp, and done..... I have the part number for the AMP plug somewhere if you cant source from a JY.... Also to make it easier, I grounded the amp at the back of the truck and ran a + on a fuse to the battery.... easy peasy… To mount the amp, a few expansion rubber nuts..
FYI, I did a little more digging in the back of my truck and I actually located the factory subwoofer connector and harness. The connector was pinned to the cab wall on the left two or three feet above the floor. I had to peel back the liner to expose it. It even had live power going to it from the proper fuse under the hood. This is in a truck not equipped with the subwoofer option. So the harness and connector is there in the rear, but I did not find the other end of it up front. I think it terminates in a connector down by the right kick panel on passenger side, but I haven't confirmed that.

Attached photo is looking UP from the floor at the connector. You have to peel back the carpet lining on the cab wall to expose it, and then pry it loose from the panel since it is pinned to it with a nylon lock pin, and it has a cover/cap on it.

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I just went with a smaller under the seat subwoofer and ran a wire back to the rear seat.

I ran power down door jamb on battery side and signal wires down other side

connected to ground with one of the screws securing the seat

Not a good as what this thread discusses
Cool, My xlt didn't have the plug there, i just built a harness, swapped radios and boom done...

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