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Aug 15, 2019
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I'm probably going to look like an idiot for asking, but that's o.k. I've looked like one before.

I'm presently looking at a 2008 Adrenaline to buy. I haven't been to actually see it yet cause I'm gonna have to drive a fair distance to get it. It's real CLEAN, so I'm not too worried about it. HOWEVER, I don't see an antenna for the radio on it. My wifes 2008 ST Limited has a regular antenna.

Is the one on a Adrenaline in the box on the roof, is it hidden or what?

Just wondering. It's just bugging me.

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Radio antenna is on/by the right fender. Some people take them off or replace with a stubby version.
That's what I thought. Will have to get a better pic of it. Doesn't look like a stubby, just a "cap" over the antenna stud. (pic was taken a ways away, so hard to tell).
Reception better or worse?
I've not even physically seen the truck yet. Just some pics. Looks like a "bump" in the fender.
Have you seen mine ?? I did a delete kit..... Look at my photo... Maybe they did the same....
Said he was using the sirius antenna. Is that a delete kit?
Yes mine is a mustang delete kit. Its basically a small plastic nub you screw in place of the factory antenna. It renders the signal strength useless. I do get local stations, But I use the Sat radio all the time. I saved my antenna and at any time can just screw it back on.
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