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Oct 25, 2023
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2001 model. Keeps losing brake fluid in very short time. 2 new master cylinders and all hoses tightened multiple times. Not leaking onto driveway. Has been in shop 4 times but no one can find a leak. ABS light also goes on intermittently but no problem found. The fluid is going SOMEWHERE...Ideas?
How much brake fluid loss? Leaking caliper piston seals are somewhat common, but should leave traces of fluid.
Could be leaking into the brake booster
If it's not leaking at the calipers, master cylinder or into the brake booster then only other place I can think of would be one of the connections at the ABS module.
Orrrrr… and hear me out….


But seriously, there are only a handful of places to look, and if your mechanic can’t find it, I would suggest taking it somewhere else.
calipers can be tricky.. my son's WRX had leaky calipers but I couldn't see anything at first, had to clean everything up, calipers, lines etc then inspect a couple of times, to pin it down..
I recently had a similar issue with my 2001 Sport Trac. Brake fluid was mysteriously leaking somewhere as I had to add almost a full can over a 3 month period. My mechanic finally discovered the brake check valve by one of the front wheels was leaking; had it replaced and everything seems fine. Another idea to look into.