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Nov 28, 2016
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Burke, VA
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2n Gen Owner
I’ve got a bit of play in my carrier bearing. A lot . Is this a part that can be swapped out or does it require rebuilding the whole shaft? Anyone had to do this before?
All help is appreciated


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Hate to be the one to break it to you, new driveshaft time.
Ford stopped making them over a decade ago.
Not a serviceable part.
It was 2011/12 when my 08 limited needed one (had 200k+), Ford didn't make them and there wasn't anyone making aftermarket ones yet. I ended up having one custom made, cost me over 1k, just for the part, and that was over 10 years ago.
Aftermarket availability only, but at least they are available now. Not unreasonably priced either, at least compared to what my custom one cost me years ago. Here in Canada they are around $550CAD.
Find them on Kijiji or eBay.
As I recall, not a tough install either.
Well, Mr Murphy strikes again. I had been holding off on new tires until I could get it checked out had a look when tires weRe being mounted.
I have a few friends(divorced) that argue that Murphy is a woman.
What they say: Would any man work so hard just to screw you over?
And yes, I am sure the feelings go both ways.
Got an appt at ford Monday. I went through a bunch of trouble trying to get the computer fixed outside of ford. Couldn’t even get a replacement from ford. Then I took it to ford and they fixed me up in two days. I think it’s worth a try. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go the other route
Here is one I bought a few years ago the ford tag say 08JAN2020. PN: 7A2Z-4A499-A. I found it at PARTSGEEK.


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Dealer says that they can have it in a day but, I have to get the whole assy that includes the driveshaft
Dorman Products makes a driveshaft. It's has serviceable Ujoints and center support bearing.
Well, got my truck back after two days at the dealer and the non-discounted price of $2100 for the replacement of the shaft and bearing due to it being in an “assembly “. I would venture to guess that ford just stopped selling these parts publicly in order for them to be the sole source for parts and installation.

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