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Nov 24, 2020
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FYI, I had a CD changer that was acting up and wouldn't load CD's on my 08 Nav (Pioneer) unit. The CD changer in this unit was really easy to access, just remove the top cover and take out 4 screws and disconnect one ribbon cable and it is out. Once removed, I examined it and located all the micro-switches on it that are used to tell its brain what position all the moving parts are in. I also located one long sliding POT on it that connected to the lower rotating part that appears to be used to sense its position. I then took some DeOxit spray, and just put a few drops into each microswitch and cycled them on/off as best I could a few time. Reinstalled it, and everything works.

It seems like these tiny switches are what usually goes bad in these mechanism, so before you start thinking it is a mechanical problem, you might first try cleaning all the switches and see if that fixes, it.

I also stumbled onto this place which sells entire replacement CD changers too. Factory Radio Parts-Infotainment and Factory Radio Replacement Parts
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Yup, Great places online to show how to fix them...

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