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THIS is TRUE: 18 January 2009 Copyright http://www.thisistrue.com

--FOLLOW THAT MAN: The police department in Franklin, Tenn., announced it will patrol parking lots, looking in cars for things that might attract thieves, and leaving "crime prevention cards" on cars that have tempting goods in view. "A friendly reminder from alert and responsiveFranklin police officers may be all it takes to help keep someone from leaving their purse or phone on their front seat while running into the store," said Deputy Police Chief David Rahinsky. The town has recently seen a 15 percent increase in auto burglaries. (Nashville Tennesseean)...Since car burglars have been able to save time by only looking in cars with crime prevention cards on them.

GROUNDED: Herman Sakaria, the director of a security company, was on his way home when he saw two young men obscuring the license plate on theircar in Rodney, New Zealand. The duo then put plastic bag masks over their faces and socks over their hands, and went into a store. Sakaria parked his car to block their getaway. When the store owner chased the would-be robbers away without any loot, Sakaria was there to intercept."I grabbed them," Sakaria said, "disarmed them and took them to the ground, restraining them until police arrived" -- by sitting on them.As a passerby took a photo of the scene, one of the 16-year-old boys caught sight of an onlooker and said, "Oh s--t, there's my mum!"(Rodney Times) ...In an ideal world, delinquents would indeed be more afraid of their parents than the police.

= BAD NEWS, GOOD NEWS, AND...: "We are deeply sorry," said Joe Rafferty,chief executive of Britain's National Health Service for the Central Lancashire region. "This should never have happened." An NHS employee lost a computer memory stick containing the health information of as many as 6,360 patients. But the good news is, the clerk who lost the memory stick made sure the data on the removable device had been encrypted for privacy. On the other hand, when he lost the device,there was a sticky note attached to it with the encryption password written on it. (Lancashire Evening Post) ...And anyone with any password written on a sticky note isn't entitled to laugh at them.

YO! NO HO ZO': Days before Barack Obama's inauguration as president,police started posting bright red signs on light posts around Washington D.C.'s capitol hill: "WARNING: This area has been declared a PROSTITUTION FREE ZONE by Order of the Chief of Police". The special ban ends January 25. "Now, maybe I'm not reading this the way your average tourist or Obama supporter would," a Washington Post columnist wrote, "but to me, this sign... means that everywhere the signs aren't,prostitution is just fine and dandy." (Washington Post) ...Not at all.Just think about how Congress works: it's more likely that the $750billion economic bailout bill makes it free in that area.

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