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Sep 26, 2021
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My 1st post, thanks in advance for any help. I had an Edlebrock Supercharger installed, immediately the 6 speed automatic transmission shifted different, After understanding the different shifting characteristics I quit driving the truck. The installer took no responsibility, I had a local professional tuner shop look at the issue, they are sure it is to do with the SCT tune, they have had conversations with SCT, who admits they may have a software issue, but after 2 months I’m picking up the SportTrac. So it’s raise the white flag, ask for help, I know that other 4.6 SportTrac have been Supercharged, so there had to be a person, a shop, or a solution. Thanks
Get it tuned by Torrie at unleashed tuning. He’s tuned a few vehicles for me, including my supercharged sport trac. He’s tuned many sport tracs.
Sounds like someone didn’t know how to tune it.
What year is yours?
Not sure where he’s located, but he does email based tuning. So you buy a tuner(the SCT X-or use yours if you have one) from him, you tell him your setup, he loads a tune and sends it to you. You download the tune to your truck, and do some logging for him. He may send you a couple revisions to load and data log again. This is how remote tuning works. You’ll need to install a wide band o2 to see afr(if you don’t already have one). Could also take it to a dyno and have him remote tune it for the day, but you’ll have to set that up with him so he can schedule some time.

The 6r60 in yours is a little bit different than the 6r80 in the 09-10, but should still be able to tune it.
I think you solved the issue , 6R60 vs 6R80, the tune is fine, but it causes the trans to shift different and different times, the installed used SCT, the 2nd shop that tried to help communicate with SCT who admitted some sort of software issue, but were unwilling or unable to help. I know others had good luck with the installer, but they blamed the trans, took my money and ghosted me, offered no help or solution, it seems I’ve read threads on here from other SportTrac owners who had them add the SC and all went well. Thx
The trans is going to shift different than stock, most notably shift firmness. This is due to the increase in line pressure to hold the extra power. There are a BUNCH of tables for trans logic, and it takes a long time to dial them in to resemble the stock shift characteristics. That said, my shifts are not THAT much firmer than stock at part throttle, but at WOT they are.

What rpm is the trans shifting at during wot?

Sent you a pm btw.
Sometimes late or no upshifts 1-2, 2-4, 3-4
Once up to speed 6th gear lockup, immediately goes back to 4 or 5, and hunts
Sometimes almost works perfect, or close to it.
Won’t upshift under light throttle, usual have to lift to get a shift,
Every day is different , like when I was married, it’s a surprise
Went I first took delivery , once I got 6 and lock up, and set cruise it would stay there 200 miles, or until id stop.

I spent 1973 to 2003 in the trans rebuilding business, I’m confident this is being commanded , not a trans problem, it worked perfect for 3 years and 30K, all issues started with the install immediately, they took the low road and condemned the trans.

Scotty’s Transmission, Reno Nv. My reference, google it.
Yeah… that’s not normal. Someone screwed the trans tune up :/
Very interesting thread. I will be following this as at some point, I would like to build an explorer with a 4v 4.6 and include a blower. I have a tuner friend but he is more of a Mopar guy. I used to have a Dakota r/t 5.9 that he tuned for me. I'm not much of a gearhead these days but now that I live in an rv full time, I need a vehicle that can efficiently tow it.
Hows the fluid level ??
Fluid level is perfect, I did a pan drop, cut open the filter, no anything in it, refilled the trans, not an easy thing to do with no dipstick, removed a cooler line and did a hillbilly flush of the entire system. I did all that 3,000 mile prior to having the supercharger installed just to make sure I had solid transmission, just routine maintenance.
Sounds like the load based maps are all screwed up.

Not sure why the tuner won’t just return the tcu to stock. Then you can get it tuned by someone that knows what they are doing. It could also be that the ECU tune isn’t ideal, which can cause drivability issues-which in turn can cause the tcu to freak out.
Torrie at unleashed has tuned all my explorers with trans updates. All good.
I hope you get it sorted out. You may have to go to a dyno tuner and have a custom tune done.