Fraser rebuilt engine in my 2005 Sport Trac

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Mar 11, 2018
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Fraser rebuilt engine in my 2005 Sport Trac.

18 months ago the timing chains gave out on the original 4.0 SOHC engine with about 150,000 miles on it. I ordered a rebuilt engine from the local Ford dealer. It was all there except valve covers and intake. I did not check timing, assuming it was correct, all the torque to yield bolts and the timing cover and balancer were installed. The motor ran on the passenger side bank for about 15 seconds and died. The drivers side bank was out of time and the valves hit the pistons. I pulled the engine out and Ford took the motor back (I had pictures inside the cylinders showing were the valves hit pistons).

Next up was a Fraser rebuilt motor. It was about $1200 cheaper then the Ford rebuild, but I had to install upper oil pan, oil pump, lower oil pan, timing cover, oil filter adapter to engine and harmonic balancer along with my valve covers and intake manifold. The motor started right up and ran perfect. After 130 miles the motor started making a terrible clatter. It was loud. Before I called Fraser I took it to a local mechanic. He said it was in the valve train after listening about 15 seconds. I called Fraser warranty and they had me speak to a technician. He asked me to check an oil line under the valve cover. I said I would, but if it is not it the engine was going back. I pulled the motor and sent it back After checking.

Fraser found material under the number 4 cylinder lifter ( my local mechanic was correct), went through the engine and sent it back to me. I installed the engine and it’s been running well for the last 750 miles. It really runs well.

Fraser was very helpful with the warranty and asked almost no questions. Ford also had really no push back on the warrant and gave me my money back.

Well, my sport Trac is back on the road after 18 months and running good after pulling the engine out 3 times. I am really good at it now. More then I really wanted to be.