I got the oil filter off but it won't clear the frame bracket

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Feb 11, 2023
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V6 engine
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2n Gen Owner
Has this happened to anyone before? On my 07 4x4 V6, I got the filter loose but it is bumping into a frame bracket and it needs about another 1/8 inch or so to clear the threads and come out. I changed it once before, but then my mechanic changed it when he did some major valve work and such, and now I cannot get the filter to clear the bracket. I'm attaching a picture.


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Update...by forcing it to turn and scrape along the frame bracket, and then by hitting it with a hammer, it finally cleared the threads and popped out. Now I've got the new filter going (and I noticed that it is a few millimeters shorter or maybe has a shorter "crown") and now it's stuck at the same place. I really don't want to bang on the new filter. Could my engine have "dropped" in its mounts?
Update No. 2...I got the new filter on by taking a Dremel and grinding away about 1/16-inch of the motor mount bracket. Then it went right on. I guess my motor mount has shifted and blocked the filter. Let me know if this has happened to anyone else.

The funny thing is today I was showing my son how to change his own oil. "Ten minutes!" I boasted. I quit looking at the clock after two hours. :confused:
Look at this way, if youve had a shop change your oil+filter, youd likely never been aware of the motor mount problem until some real damage had happened.

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