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Nov 3, 2019
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Hi All a quick side question/poll. When your truck is running well, if you look at the top of your idler arm pulley, what percentage works for you?
0% swing does not working for me. Or with a smaller belt tensioning it 50% of the swing range does not work for me either?
Is just having the tensioner at about 10% of it's swing capacity the best?
Thanks Mattee (Maka)
It’s a spring. The more you pull( the direction to release tension on the belt) the more pressure it exerts on the belt. That said, the tensioner should live around the middle for 95% of the applications out there. You don’t want it close to either end of the spectrum as it will bottom out or lose tension.

Im sure this thread is directly related to your belt/acc drive issue… As I stated in that thread, I feel like something is still not correct. You shouldn’t need a shorter belt, unless you’ve change something.
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