It's only worth $3200, really?

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Oct 28, 2019
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There really is a point, where you probably need to just keep it I guess. Do buyers consider the condition of the vehicle or are CarFax's price really the top dollar.


It does have high mileage I suppose. But I've changed the oil regularly, it has basically a new suspension on it, all the ball joints and bushings have recently been changed. It has a new set of tires on the truck that cost roughly $800-900. I've recently changed the transmission fluid and filter, I've changed the rear differential oil and seal. I was considering getting the steering wheel rewrapped in leather. It has no rust and lived its entire life in Georgia (no road salt). The engine sounds smooth and solid, mechanically and cosmetically it looks great for a 15-year-old truck.

...and it's only worth $3200 retail? Personally, I wouldn't sell it for less than $5k. But am I looking at it through rose-colored glasses? How does Carfax get its number?