Leaf Spring Bushings

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Kevin Lang

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Jul 24, 2007
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Pasadena, MD
I looked at my leaf spring bushings (left side) while I was pumping gas*, and I noticed that those suckers are seriously puny looking, and they're cracked and faded besides. Those rubber things are probably as old as the truck (~10 years).

I think they could stand to be replaced. Where can I get poly bushings which fit? Energy Suspension's site mentions that they sell poly bushings, but I didn't notice a size chart nor did I see them on Advance Auto's site. If I'm going to replace 'em, I want something better.

[Broken External Image]:

(*No gas was being pumped while I was under the ST. The pump was taking its sweet time printing the receipt.)

BTW, speaking of things as old as the truck, that spare tire is an OEM Wrangler (my ST came with OEM Michelins). As far as I know it has never been mounted on the ST, and I hope it never will be.
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