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Parts For Sale Modified Stock Struts

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Jan 8, 2023
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San Antonio
What engine do you have?
V8 engine
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2n Gen Owner
Bought these to swap back into the truck, decided against it(after dialing in the coil over setup).
These are eBay struts, the same that I ran previously (Unity struts) when I cut 2 coils off. Ride was…. Ok. Not great, but not trash. This time I took off 1.5 coils all the way around. This should give a slight drop from stock, and still utilize most of the shocks “soft” valving. These are brand new, never installed. Just disassembled once to modify. Note: Rear coils sit loose in the strut until they get mounted. I never had an issue with my 2 cut coils with this.

Looking to get $280 for them(less than I paid) and we split shipping.

* I’ll update the post of how the truck looked on the 2 cut coils.

Tires at the time were 245/60r18.


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