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Chris G

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Feb 28, 2006
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Salem, OR
Sony just came out with two new wireless Android Auto units that I am looking at to replace the factory stereo in my Gen2 Job 2 Beauty.
This 4000 is the first one out, uses resistive touch and has 2V pre-amp. The 6000 that comes out in September for $100 more has 5V pre-amp.

I've searched on the forums and on Crutchfield and can't find out how many V the factory amp/sub needs? Do I wait for the 5V just to be safe?

I'd rather save the $100 but who knows. The trac is starting to show her age, and while its hard to think about I think she will be traded in 2-3 years. Her engine runs great but cracked leather seats, no lumbar, door stop is busted.... so i don't want to throw a lot of money into the stereo.


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